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From early childhood, I was always considered “The Artist”!!  I can even remember the purchase of my first drawing book from Novak Paint Store on Central Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey more than 70 years ago.

There were no art classes at my tiny high school, so my first formal experience with art was at Marywood College, Scranton , Pa., where I got my BA in art.  To this day I can feel those long, long nights of back to back assignments with multiple art classes,  and then crawling out of bed for those early morning critiques of paintings and projects barely dry.

Art had suddenly become work…not the “fun” it had always been, but when I went to change my major, it was not permitted.

After my studies, it was off to work, and then family and it took so many years to get back to my personal art. But during that “dry” period, I was amazingly adept at bringing out the talents of my students through drawing and painting. In 15 different middle and high schools (inner city and suburbia) up and down both coasts .....  in all those schools, I was immediately assigned as THE Art Teacher.  So when my husband finally retired from the Navy, and we all stopped “roaming” (my children raised despite it all), I could see time for me…time to paint again!!!!!  But first I needed to get my second degree…an MA in Art Education.  

To this day, I can’t paint for “assignments”.  I paint out of a need or desire.  Pieces for art shows are pieces I want to paint anyway.  Doing  commissions would also be inhibiting to me.  I can’t think of or anticipate my art as being for anyone’s home décor or even for sale (despite the sales that have happened).

I paint what I really KNOW…myself, other family members, memories and situations. I paint emotions with sharp diagonal strokes or flowing rounded curves. My colors are not “local”, but colors I love. My scenery is to tell a story and my objects have particular meanings.

In the past 20 years, I discovered the creative freedom of the digital art.  With its possibilities of “undo”, and “redo”, this is media that I can work with any time and any place there is a computer.  There is nothing to lug around or clean-up.  Perfect for me!!!




Artist Statement

 I paint out of an urgency….what I need to say……what needs to be expressed.  In doing this I never consider what is “currently selling” or how to please a client.  Each of my pieces says something about myself, my family members, my memories or my life experiences.

I paint emotions with sharp diagonal strokes or flowing rounded curves and use colors not “local”, but colors I love.  My scenery tells a story and my objects have particular meanings.  Especially I love to study the face where I find particular interest in the eyes of the model.

My art can be called: Expressionistic, Impressionistic, or Emotional but never just Realistic. I want to bring the viewer into my  mind…my world…..and find most of my results are gentle pieces which need to be viewed close up to grasp the subtleties.

I draw from “scratch” using many, many references. I put my ideas from each resource into those of my own...…almost as a cook who is creating a unique recipe.

New learning and experimentation are vital to me.  I am never “finished” with myself as an artist. 


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