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"Touching Buddha"

This is my favorite piece using the magic wand, overlaying with layers.  It is a combination of two photographs.

This was sold at the Thousand Oaks Gallery while on display in the Westlake Village Art Guild Membership Show





"Van Gogh Me"

This piece is a painting of mine combined with a painting of Van Gogh's. 

(Did you have to look twice?   Amazing resemblance isn't it!! :)



"Computer Lady" (Digital)

Practicing with a digital camera in a Photoshop Class, this picture was taken by a fellow student .

 I played with it in Photoshop, one of my first digitals, using  mainly layers and filters.




"Normalcy Shattered"

The original  photograph for this was  taken from the LA Times on Veteran's Day 2001. 

I took the scan in between teaching my art classes at Chaminade. 

After putting it into Photoshop, I began manipulating it with filters,

but left my computer to address my class with another aspect of their project. 

When I turned around to the computer again, this is what I found.  Loved it....kept it!



"Absolut Spring"

This piece came out of the final assignment  in one of my Photoshop classes.  

We were to design an ad for Absolut Vodka.....the bottle was provided.

 The background picture I took at Lake Tahoe.....

of the first crocuses peeking out of the snow. 

This piece also included using layers and channels.....

something I ONCE knew how to do.





"Alone in My Space"

Kenley was put into "Time Out" on the couch.   When I saw her there, thumb in mouth,

I tucked my red throw blanket around her and took her photograph. 

Later I manipulated the photo in Photoshop using mainly filters.



"Young Artists"

While waiting for our new dining room table, we put this worktable in its place.

It  was perfect for "the girls" project.

They were all so engrossed they did not notice me taking  this photograph,

which I later manipulated using mainly filters.






This is my very first piece playing with Photoshop and the magic wand tool. 

It  is a combination of three photographs, overlaid with each other in layers.



"Out of the Ashes"

Here I combined with a photo I found  of the 911 remains,

and a photo I took of the crocuses peeking out of the snows in Lake Tahoe. 

I wanted to compare the devastation we experience here in Southern California

after the Santa Ana fires to the devastation of the 911 experience.

In both I see the "rebirth" and "re-growth so symbolic of the human spirit. 

One lonely flower is trying to shed it warmth as it peeks through the rubble. 

The human spirit will survive and there will be new life even after 911.


"The Raven"

Here  is  another "playing with the magic wand",

a combination of three photographs, overlaid with each other in layers . 

The mood and the slant of the bird......this is my version of Van Gogh's Ravens.



"Saving Nemo"

This piece is again a combination of two photographs,

overlaid with each other in layers with the magic wand.

It reminds me of the NEMO movie.