Mixed Media
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Here I had some flowers in front of me for inspiration,

but I just wanted to capture some colors and go off on my own.

How anal of me to then enclose every single value as it changed from one to the other.

But in the end, I loved the effect and had to do some more pieces in this style.




This time the mood was BLUE more subtle and gentleand as the name implies,

the piece began overtaking me as if I had no control at all.





"Old Navy "

The original of this piece is done in watercolor in values of blue. 

Though I had captured the features, the spirit was lacking. 

With this transfer through filters in Photoshop, I feel completely satisfied. 

I still want to finish the original watercolor though. 

The pinks somehow fit the story as well.....

a reminisce of Navy Days as Bill sat on a Ferry crossing over into San Diego,

where he had spent several years connected to the Kitty Hawk. 

The colors fit together pleasantly as well.



"Left at the Airport "

Truly I WAS! 

On a trip with a fellow teacher, he told me he was checking on something while I was drawing in the airport. 

After a while I began to feel like the plane was never arriving.  My partner was nowhere in sight.

So I went up to the counter to find that our plane had left an hour before. 

My partner, having had no sleep the previous night, had already gotten on the plane, fell asleep,

and was waking up as it was taking off .  He was shocked to find me not in the seat next to him. 

I did manage to catch another plane, and he met me sheepishly at the new airport.

Back home, after painting in watercolor, the piece needed to be enhanced with detail . 

Photoshop was perfect for me to do this. 

I love the accents of light on all the face, and the simple details I was able to achieve with the software.








"Gossip Lurks"

A promising city bustling and active with aspirations reaching to the sky

but in the foreground lurks the dark blue of Gossip...

waiting to pounce....to overshadow the Happiness.


"Gossip Overwhelms"

Gossip creeps up ever so slowly until it overshadows the city....

promising to bring it down structure by structure.