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"Self Portrait 1989"

I remember studying myself in the mirror with the TV in the background while doing this. 

To this day I don't know where I got the nerve to use ink for this homework assignment.


"My Son"

Here I sat  on a couch opposite my son while he was watching TV.

If he knew I was drawing him, I am sure he would have not been so absorbed





"Self Portrait 1990"

Here I worked in some watercolor pencils. 

I was still not sure I could work totally with wet watercolor to capture the expression.



"Life's  Markings"

I wanted to study the shapes, textures, and values in this lovely old piece of driftwood.

I wonder at how I got that over-all texture.  




"Just Waiting"

Here is a simple  study of shapes and values and light

and a repetition of "made-up" detail in the background. 


"Pencil Posies"

A whole "made-up" collection of flowers with fun details that never existed. 

Just playing with lights and darks and values and enjoying the impossible "set-up".