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Dezarea and I went onto the patio at 404  for me to take her picture with my digital camera. 

 Completely oblivious of the camera, she eventually gave me this perfect shot. 

In painting this piece, I wanted to catch the various reflections on her glasses and eyes. 

The wisps of her blonde hair, with one ear peeking through, was a satisfying challenge.



"Unspoken Divide"

This piece addresses the relationship between a mother and her daughter.

"The Divide", the area between them, is filled with passionate oranges and reds. 

Note the imposing, yet turned shoulder of the mother, while the child's body leans slightly away.

The head tips toward the mother, the eyes following tentatively...perhaps fearfully. 

The connection of the two is at the skirts.....birth area. 

You may need to look twice to see the sadness of the child's eyes,

as the first impression is the brave smile. 

The child perhaps already understands and is resigned to this relationship.







"Cabin in The Rain"

This piece was done more "wet on wet" ...but again with lots of diagonals.

I used a credit card to put in those delicate branches and fence posts.



"Reaching Hana"

This piece contains a lot of the diagonal slashes that I love to do. 

The lines are worked in with a credit card.

Lots of Freedom here and it totally fits the place.....Maui.




"Artist's World"

This piece was inspired by a Canadian Chalk/Street Artist,

who was kneeling on the ground to execute her piece. 

I decided to place the artist (now me) in a standing position over a table....

which table was the world! 

The artist is so engrossed in her painting that she BECOMES  part of the painting. 

She paints on and on right into the setting sun.



"Daddy's First Touch"

I took this source picture when  I was in the delivery room with Jessica. 

Both Billy and Jessica  had asked me to be  with Jessica for the delivery of Dezarea. 

I was to be there not only to support Jessica but to videotape Dez's birth as well. 

Finally, Dez was wheeled into the nursery, and I, in greens with the video camera on my shoulder. 

Billy was waiting on the other side of the glass wall.  

Feeling “official”,  I motioned for him to come into the nursery. 

He approached his child and stood at the bassinet, looking at her with his hands clasped behind him. 

“You can TOUCH her!!” I assured him, with camera poised. 

So as  he reached forward , I captured the shot with the video camera. 

About four years later, I then took this video to a newly acquired machine at my school

where I made a STILL of it……and then I painted the feeling of fragility in that moment in time.




"Fantasy Forest"

This piece feels mysterious in a children's story kind of way. 

The rounded forms make the dark forest seem not TOO threatening.

It is almost fairy-tale like.



"Good-bye Old House"

I always loved this tree and our substitute for grass "English Garden " at 404.

Somehow painting it in sepia seemed appropriate.

I changed the shape of the doorway to repeat the boulders. 

It is "just enough" capturing only this part of the front of our house there.







"On the Road to Hana"

This piece is one of my first watercolors and was drawn very meticulously. 

It turned out less realistic than I intended, but the primitive drawing suits the subject, I feel.

My daughter took this piece for her Hawaiian themed house.



"Mother and Son"

I was drawing from a tiny dark bust of an African woman and soon I was repeating the head for the child. 

Over the course of the evening,  the whole piece evolved into this Byzantine-like couple

filled with mysterious merging colors of blue and yellow and red...Primary and Primitive.








This was a free painting that I examined when finished

and decided I could see parts of the ruins of Rome in it.

My Rome is pinks and blues and yellows!!


"Under the Sea"

A "free painting" originally much bigger, but I kept just this part.....

I remember cutting the rest away smaller and smaller until only this remained.





"Wait up!"

This piece was a take on Matisse's "Red Fish". 

But the fish in my bowl cry out to be free like the school of fish swimming by. 

I like my piece better. (smile)               

"My Leo"

I was thrilled to capture this close-up on an early morning visit to the "Living Desert".

I just had to draw it.......we had an affinity (August 15 my birthday)

I can't imagine  being  as inspired to draw any other animal.





"That Apple"

This was one of my first attempts at watercolor.

I can still hear the instructor prodding me to get DARKER DARKER.

I LOVE this apple!!  He did too!!




This piece is appropriately named. 

I can still hear the sound of the brush's side slapping against the paper. 

Whatever shape came up, that was going to be it. 

The piece feels FREE.  It  definitely was not pre-planned.




"Free Falling"

I did this piece in between lessons on the floor of a workshop. 

I wanted to "Let  Loose" with a wonderfully large brush.

I just wanted  to see what it and some slashing movement could achieve.


"Chinese Brush"

This piece was meticulously done according to the rules of a Chinese Brush painting class.

I LIKE it  but I don't want to do any more of these.